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Pies and Tarts

Apple Tart  - Tarte aux Pommes


This beauty is even more sumptuous when served with Calvados Spiced Caramel Sauce

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Basic Pastry Dough - Pâte Brisée


One of the most versatile pastry doughs in your lineup, this will serve as the base for all sorts of pies, tarts, quiches, and more! For a sweeter version, add a little granulated or powdered sugar. No special equipment is needed!  

Anecdote: My son once called my mom during dinner to tell on me for making a quiche with a store-bought pie crust ....and she scolded me! (she was right!)

Indeed, it's more wallet-friendly, tastier, and healthier to make it yourself-- you control the ingredients! Why not double or triple the batch and freeze a few?

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Watch the technique video here